Additional Services

AC Rentals

Portable Air Rover AC UnitDuring renovations to existing server rooms, IT rooms, MRI, or a small office space, let us provide you with a temporary cooling system to eliminate any worries you may have in maintaining working equipment temperatures.  We carry small, portable 36,000 BTU cooling units which allow for ease of installation and set up.  Our AC rental service includes:

  • 24/7 delivery and set up support
  • Start-up service
  • Operator training
  • Turn-key installation

ADA Compliance Upgrades 

Pinnacle Mechanical can assist you and your team in the design and layout of plumbing systems so that access for disabled clients is met.  Be it an ADA compliant restroom layout, a commercial drinking fountain installation, or a roll-in shower module, we understand access compliance.

Backflow Prevention Testing and Repair

Backflow Prevention TestingIt is required that you have your backflow assembly tested every year.  By having your backflow tested you will help to ensure the drinking water supplied to your facility remains safe.  We test and repair all commercial and industrial fire systems, potable water, and well water backflow devices.  If necessary, we can install new devices or perform retro fits to older systems.

Combustion Analyzation

Combustion AnalysisMultiple factors affect the combustion efficiency of your heating equipment, including variations in fuel, draft, atmospheric pressure, and mechanical wear.  When your heating equipment doesn't run efficiently, that costs you extra money.  Let us complete a combustion analysis on your equipment to ensure it is running efficiently.  If it isn't, let us help you come up with cost effective ways of getting it there.

Water Conservation

We are all in the business of saving water, but our offices and facilities consume huge quantities.  Let Pinnacle Mechanical conduct a facility water use inventory for your domestic plumbing systems.  We can then convert your commercial plumbing fixtures to low consumption devices by installing electronic or metering style faucets and flush valves to eliminate high water consumption fixtures.

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